A Crash of Rhinos, The morphing of an Artist's idea..... 

Like most projects I do, they tend to morph as I proceed. 

This year, 2016, I'll be working on a set of drawings collectively called “A Crash of Rhinos” The plans for the story set revolves around a set of five rhinos. Each is pictured separately (24”x19”) in front of a peninsula of mountains, but at different times in the planet life. The presence of other intelligent life is present indirectly in the images. Erosion and tectonics of the scenery vary across the drawings.

The Mountains Scenery (originally, 4 pieces of 19”x24”) is recreated separately in it's own time setting. The sun has become too active, making the planet inhospitable, however, everyone has packed up and left via a jump-gate.

Birds and Rhinos go together, most everywhere, and here too on this world. The Birds are all separate drawings of various sizes. There are a variety of birds that also can be assumed from various times in the planet's history. All the birds are in flight and have solid backgrounds. For display purposes, I will be cutting out the birds and sandwiching them between glass to hang in front of the Rhinos and Scenic View.

Panoramic LayoutLate Sept., I decided I'd streatch the mountains vertically to better fill-in the lower areas where the animals generally were.  I figured I could include more artifacts of civilization in the rest of the panoramic view.  So, just how many pieces would I need to make a 360 degree view?  Multiples of 19" widths, ten wasn't big enough to really fit inside, doubled is 20 and that would make a ten foot diameter circle end to end.  Larger if I spread them out like I want.  That would be five pieces per quadrant of the circle, or four theme groups.   I could add more sections later if needed or wanted. 

So now that I have a panoramic background with 24 sections at least, I started wondering what other animals and associated drawings to place in the sections.  Already have a mechanical elephant, so, that's easy, work back from mechanical to the missing drawings.   Two sections still needing subjects at this point. Some Internet research turn up candidates.

Large Animals

Crash of Rhinos
Band of Gorillas
Shrewdness of Apes
Barrel of Monkeys
Tower of Giraffs
Parade of Elephants
Bloat of Hippopotamuses
Yoke of Oxen
Gang of Elk
Sleuth (sloth) of Bears

Flock of Seagulls
Convocation of Eagles
Murder of Crows
Wake of Buzzards
Brood of Hens
Colony of Penguins
Gaggle of Geese
Bevy of Quail
Siege of Herons
Charm of Finches
Cast of Hawks
Nye of Pheasants
Wisp of Snipe
Flight of Swallows
Sanctuary of Solitary Birds

Leap of Leopards
Cackle of Hyenas
Streak of Tigers
Pride of Lions
Small Animals

Troop of Kangaroos
Labor of Moles
Business of Ferrets
Bale of Turtles
Knot of Toads
Army of Frogs

October 8, 2016
Completed the background section for the rhinos.  Ended up with six panels to finish out the background.  Started working on the world for "Water Boy" when the flu shot the VA gave me kicked my butt some.  Time to imagine.  Six panels let me space Water-Boy's position more left and have a dome and balloon section for the Mechanical Rhino(s).   It also spaces out the area for the birds.  While doing the shadows across all six didn't agree with me for the tight circle I had.  After deciding on the shadow falls, I'm leaning more to six or more sections of six panels. Which gives me more room and time for working on this project.

I'll be updating my display in Second Life to play with all that. 

October 28, 2016

Pretty much finished with the first two mechanical rhinos, which are together on a landscape 28.5" x 22.5".  There's no background for them yet, and I'll draw all the mechanical rhinos before starting individual backgrounds.  I got three sheets of larger paper to work on, and it looks like I'll be making three more mechanical rhino drawings to have a balanced wall display. It also looks like the birds will become their own project too.   

December 10, 2016

After some down time from a bathroom surgery lead to the ER and a bout with cellulites in the hospital with recovery time....where was I, oh, working on RhaLion, the second mechanical picture and third mechanical.  Getting more picking with my rhinos.   Finally finished it to a point that it's time for the next picture.

January 21, 2017

Finished Tyrian Raptor and Psychedelic Phoenix. Scanned them in and looked at started the next and last Rhino, but I decided I should do a mini topology of the background. Since I'm planning on placing the Mechanical Rhinos around the Domes, best figure out what those views look like.

March 3, 2017

I've completed the second and third mechanical rhino drawings.  I've started decorating the lower walls of the domes with various animals or animal themes.  I decided to do the Crimson Pyramid Rams as the third drawing to get finished.  I added a closer view of one of the helmets and did the reflection of Albuquerque in across a rhino's graveyard.

I did a little riding around looking for the perfect scene to add in for the final rhino pair, Tyrian Raptor & Psychedelic Phoenix. I ran across the Museum of Science and Natural History, which I had been to before.  There were the Domes on the building that made a excellent background that should be recognized. A few pictures on the cellphone, and a little bit of hunting on Google and Google Mps's Street-view and I know what I want to do. Thus, begins the creation process of laying out the scenery. 

In the short meantime, I'll update the website presentation for the last piece and completed project.  I'll upload it later.

2017 March 25

I finally completed the last drawing of the group last week!  Been spending time redocing the website for the Crash towards it's permanent state.  I'll be filling in more details on the backgrounds of the pieces and their story before uploading it this weekend.