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Big Blue aka Puff

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The Rhino
Puff was the 3rd rhino drawn. I ran out of 100 lb paper and grabbed some of the 70 lb paper I had. The amount of blending work on the paper stretched it to the point that it puffed up when it was laying flat. Thus, "Puff" had to become a 3D piece of art.  Puff is the sole piece measuring 24"w x 18"h. 

The Background
Each rhino has it's separate time period with events going on in the world around him. I used the waterfall in the back to indicated some timeline by how much it was or wasn't worn down.

Puff's world is wet, but not flooded.  Things are still being cared for, such as the fencing.  There is some chaos in the skies with the molten planet being smacked and debris forming rings.