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Shroomy aka Major Tripps

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The Rhino
Shroomy a.k.a. "Major Tripps," was the 5th rhino drawing. He has that happy, stoned, Content look. Since he was to be the last of the live rhinos, I wanted to make him a dreamer and the work to have more imagination to it. 

The Background
Shroomy's world became one filled with ideas and imagination in an world with an advanced civilization.  It's the first drawing to have dome structures (on the planet in the skies). The fence is replaced with an Obelisk.  

I wanted to sparate a reality on the left and a possible tripping relaity on the right.  I used the right side and volcano to include some tripping images from Shroomy's mushroom consumption (note the half eaten mushroom on the ground). If you're a Donnie Darko fan, you might recognize the rabbit.