Status Notes

The Project is Completed, 100%

  1. 100% Completed. Created the Original set of drawings
  2. 100% Completed. Professionally digitized Originals
  3. 100% Completed. Created a 21x17 inch Reproduction Display Set.
  4. 100% Completed.
    Created a 11x8½ inch Reproduction Display Set
    Mural Assembly still in framing stage.
  5. 100% Completed. Establish Pricing.
    1. Sizes for Limited Editions Reproductions.
    2. Establish a Vendor and Pricing for Postcard Production Sets.
      Expecting the first sets in for 4/20
    3. Get products on a few online stores
  6. Start marketing Display sets and products.
  7. Declare the project closed and leave to Marketing.

For Current Display Dates and Locations,
See Deisplay Locations and Dates